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Лечение рака костей в Израиле

Лечение рака костей в Израиле

Bone Cancer Treatment in IsraelIn the  treatment of bone cancer in Israel  during surgery, organ-preserving surgical techniques are used. Using modern technologies and a professional approach in the treatment practice, oncologists of the leading Israeli private clinic Herzliya Medical Center provide effective medical care to patients suffering from such a formidable and dangerous disease as bone cancer. His clinic therapy usually includes a combination of surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, or a combination of the above treatments.

Bone cancer

Bone cancer is a rather rare pathology, accompanied by the formation of a cancerous tumor that destroys bone tissue. It is able to penetrate into any of the bones of the human body, but most often affects the long bones of the arms and legs. For each age category, certain types of cancer are characteristic.

This pathology is characterized by the formation of primary malignant tumors in the bones or joints, as well as secondary (metastatic) malignant neoplasms formed from cancer cells of other organs, and then transferred to the bones and joints with blood flow.

Feedback on the treatment of bone cancer in Israel.

Professor Yakov Bikels , an expert in the field of orthopedic oncology, literally put him on his feet and cured a patient from St. Petersburg from a terrible ailment.

Symptoms of Bone Cancer

The main  symptoms of  bone cancer are the following abnormalities:

  • constant, aching bone pain not associated with physical stress;
  • swelling of the joints or limbs;
  • increased fragility and bone fractures;
  • fatigue;
  • weight loss.

Types of Bone Cancer

  • Osteosarcoma. Pathology occurs directly in the bones, most often diagnosed among children and young people;
  • Chondrosarcoma develops from cartilage cells at the ends of bones, mainly affecting the elderly, most often men;
  • Ewing’s sarcoma. It is believed that Ewing’s sarcoma is able to originate in the nervous tissue of the bone, most often manifested in children and young people.

Diagnosis of bone cancer

Diagnosis of bone cancer in Israel is aimed at finding the localization of the pathological process. Firstly, the orthopedic surgeon conducts a physical examination of the patient, collects an anamnesis, and then, in order to identify the localization and extent of the cancer tumor, a set of tests is used, which includes:

  • X-ray
  • Computed tomography (CT);
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
  • Positron emission tomography (PET);
  • Osteoscintigraphy;
  • Biopsy of a tissue sample from a tumor for laboratory testing.

Bone Cancer Treatments

The tactics  of cancer treatment in Israel are&  selected individually and directly depends on the stage and type of cancer, age, general health and personal wishes of the patient. Treatment for bone cancer in Israel includes surgery chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Surgical methods

The purpose of the operation is the removal of bone cancer, which is achieved by resection of the neoplasm together with nearby healthy tissues and lymph nodes.

Surgery to remove a limb or part thereof

With extensive damage to the limb or part thereof, due to the large size of the neoplasm, as well as in cases when vital nerves and blood vessels are damaged by resection of the cancer, amputation is rarely prescribed. In order to maintain limb function after surgery, endoprostheses or a bone graft are made.

Basically, bone cancer treatment in Israel is carried out using gentle surgery (about 90%) that does not involve removal of the limb.


During a course of  chemotherapy  for the treatment of bone cancer in Israel, cytostatics are used to slow down and subsequently block the division of cancer cells. Chemotherapy drugs are most often administered intravenously. To increase the effect of therapy, a combination of cytostatic drugs is used. The use of chemotherapy or its combination with radiation therapy is often used before surgery, in order to reduce the size of bone cancer, which then allows the surgeon to perform a sparing organ-preserving operation. Chemotherapy can also be used for metastases that have spread beyond the bone to other areas of the body.

High-class surgeons of the private clinic Herzliya Medical Center use the latest technology in operations to save the limb and avoid amputation. The treatment of patients in the clinic is complex, which significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy.

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