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Лечение меланомы в Израиле

Лечение меланомы в Израиле

Treatment for melanoma in IsraelEffective  treatment of melanoma in Israel is  carried out by specialists of the Herzliya Medical Center private clinic. The hospital is known far beyond the country due to its high professional level, the most modern medical equipment, unsurpassed quality of care and excellent conditions of hospitalization. The use of innovative technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer in Israel at the Herzliya Medical Center is a guarantee of successful treatment at all stages of the disease.

What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops from melanocytes. Melanocytes are part of the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis. They produce brown pigment — melanin, which gives the skin its tanned brownish tint. This pigment protects the deeper layers of the skin from ultraviolet damage resulting from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Typically, melanoma affects the skin, especially in areas of the body that are exposed to the sun. In some rare cases, mucous membranes (mouth, genitals) or eyes are affected.

Dermatologists classify melanoma based on the histological characteristics of the tumor. Different types of melanoma differ from each other in terms of growth and spread to the deeper layers of the skin, as well as in the rate of development of metastases in the lymph nodes and internal organs.

The type of melanoma and the stage of the disease that was diagnosed affect the treatment plan and prognosis of the disease.

What does melanoma look like?

As a rule, skin cancer is detected during a routine examination based on the appearance of the formation on the skin. Specialists use the «ABCDE» rule when examining a patient:

  • Asymmetry: halves of a mole / wart differ from each other in size or shape;
  • Edges (Border): uneven, “blurry”, jagged edges;
  • Color: unevenly distributed shades, several shades of brown, black, sometimes pink or white, pigment;
  • Diameter: more than 6 mm (sometimes smaller melanomas occur);
  • Evolving education: changes in shape, color, size of education over a certain period of time.

Additional signs worth paying attention to:

  • Non-healing wound;
  • The spread of pigment on the skin surrounding the formation;
  • Redness, swelling, or any other sign of inflammation;
  • Changes in sensations — scabies, pain, sensitivity when touched;
  • Superficial changes — peeling, discharge, bleeding.

If you notice at least one of these symptoms, you should consult a dermatologist.

Diagnosis of melanoma

Herzliya Medical Center specialists use the most advanced methods for diagnosing melanoma in Israel.

Regardless of whether you have been diagnosed or not, we will carry out all the necessary procedures to draw up an individual treatment plan for you. The medical documents and pathological material that you brought will be examined by leading Israeli specialists and, if necessary, additional studies will be carried out.

The following are just some of the diagnostic procedures used by HMC:

  • Dermatoscopy education to detect skin abnormalities;
  • Confocal microscopy — this non-invasive diagnostic method consists in checking the deep layers of the skin using infrared rays. This allows the specialist to determine the depth of education invasion and the stage of the disease;
  • Biopsy — removal of a piece of tissue formation for histopathological analysis. This analysis allows you to identify the type of melanoma and evaluate the genetic and molecular profile of the tumor;
  • Visualization — MRI and PET-CT can detect whether the disease has spread to the lymph nodes and / or internal organs;
  • With an already specified diagnosis of melanoma, a sentinel lymph node biopsy is often performed. The procedure is carried out to determine the degree of prevalence of cancer cells in the body through the lymphatic system.

Treatment for melanoma in Israel

Cancer treatment in Israel, in the private clinic «Herzliya Medical Center», is carried out using the most advanced methods and antitumor drugs. The first step in setting up a treatment plan for melanoma in Israel is to determine the stage of the disease.

Surgical removal of melanoma

In the early stages of the disease, surgery is the most common treatment. Dermatologists at the HMC Clinic specialize in using the MOHS (Mohs) method to remove melanoma. During the Mohs procedure, the formation is removed by layers, each of which is transferred to the laboratory to check for the presence of cancer cells. If the analysis is negative, the procedure ends; if cancer cells are detected in the surgical area, the dermatologist removes another layer of the formation and so on. Thus, we guarantee the optimal outcome for you — the tumor is completely removed with minimal damage to the skin.

In the case of  metastases of melanoma,  oncological surgeons of the Herzliya Medical Center use the most gentle methods to remove the affected lymph nodes or organs. Choosing a private clinic “Herzliya Medical Center” you will have a unique opportunity to choose a doctor and surgeon, which is not possible in Israeli public hospitals.

For any question about the surgical treatment of melanoma in Israel,  please contact us  and we will be happy to explain everything.

Immunotherapy for melanoma

The principle of action of melanoma immunotherapy is to prescribe drugs to the patient that stimulate his immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Some examples of drugs:

  • Interferon-alpha is a type of cytokine. Cytokines are proteins that stimulate the human immune system. Synthesized versions of cytokines (such as interferon alfa) are sometimes used in the treatment of melanoma in Israel. Interferon-alpha is also prescribed as adjuvant therapy after surgery, in order to prevent the spread and growth of cancer cells. This approach will help prevent relapse;
  • Anti CTLA4 (Yervoy / Ipilimumab) is a synthesized version of the protein of the human immune system. Spreading through the body, this drug activates cytotoxic T cells that fight cancer. By blocking the action of CTLA-4, Ipilimumab enhances the body’s response against melanoma cells;
  • Anti PD1 (Keitruda / Pembrolizumab) — Pembrolizumab targets PD1, its mechanism of action is similar to that of Ipilimumab.

The cost of immunotherapy for melanoma  in Israel depends on the stage of the disease and the prescribed dosage of drugs.

Targeted therapy for melanoma

Over the past few years, several targeted drugs have been developed to treat melanoma. Targeted drugs are suitable for patients in whom a known type of mutation has been identified in the genome of melanoma cells.

The presence of genetic mutations is checked during histological analysis of the tumor.

Herzliya Medical Center uses the latest targeted drugs to treat melanoma:

  • BRAF inhibitors (Zelboraf / Tafinlar) — about half of the melanoma species have mutations in the BRAF gene. These mutations contribute to faster division and growth of cancer. BRAF inhibitors are designed to obstruct this process.
  • MEK Inhibitors (Meccinist) — The MEK gene acts in the same way as BRAF, and the Meckinist acts as an obstacle to the rapid growth and division of cancer cells.

The cost of targeted therapy for melanoma  in Israel depends on the stage of the disease and the prescribed dosage of drugs.

Why choose Herzliya Medical Center for the treatment of melanoma in Israel?

Herzliya Medical Center is the leader of private medicine in Israel, a medical institution world famous for its highly qualified specialists, first-class equipment and the highest level of service.

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