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Early discovery saves lives.
For early detection - an expert physician is chosen.
When every minute feels like an eternity, we are here, to accompany you personally,
To ensure deciphering and results at a speed that is unparalleled in Israel.

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Mammography screening

Early diagnosis is the most important tool in fighting breast cancer and increases the chances of recovery up to 90%.
The earlier the discovery, the better the chances of healing.
The main test used for early diagnosis is mammography, a rapid x-ray examination of the breasts.
Its purpose is to detect breast cancer in its early stages, sometimes not detectable.
Mammography device in Herzliya Medical Center is one of the most advanced in the world and allows for three-dimensional imaging of the breast, for a very accurate and thorough diagnosis of minimal radiation.

The Breast Center, under the direction of Dr. Maya Cohen, with more than 30 years of experience and expertise in breast imaging, will accompany you all along.
The staff of the Center is personally obligated to accompany you from the moment you enter the examination, until the results are given as quickly as possible.
We know that the test, its possible implications and treatment, if necessary, raise concerns and deterrents, but the right step is to check and treat as quickly as possible, and we are here for you in full, continuous, personal and quick communication for any question, request, apprehension and waiting.

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