Почему лечение в Герцлия Медикал Центр?

Почему лечение в Герцлия Медикал Центр?

treatment at Herzliya Medical CenterHerzliya Medical Center, the leading private clinic in Israel, offers the highest quality medical care, an individual approach to treatment with the best specialists of the country, and all this as soon as possible. Part of the unique personalized service is that each patient is provided with a personal case manager who solves all administrative, organizational and medical issues.

These are just some of the reasons why Herzliya Medical Center was preferred by diplomats and employees of 64 embassies, consulates and UN agencies, as well as private foreign patients from more than 60 countries.

The best doctors of Israel in the clinic of Herzliya!

Your health is the most expensive that you have and you can trust it only with the best specialists. As a private clinic, Herzliya Medical Center gives you access to the elite doctors in Israel:

  • Heads of departments and their deputies in state clinics;
  • Heads of specialized departments;
  • Internationally recognized experts in their field.

Your treatment will never be in the hands of a novice therapist or trainee!

All doctors and specialists working at the Herzliya Medical Center and dedicated support staff have rich clinical experience and high professionalism, applied and tangible at every consultation and during treatment.

Choosing a doctor

As a private clinic, the Herzliya Medical Center gives you access to the elite doctors in Israel.

In addition to more than 500 doctors who are currently working with us, you can request the services of any specialist outside our clinic. Herzliya Medical Center has connections throughout the medical community in Israel and will do everything necessary to ensure that you receive care that meets your needs and wishes.

Personalized treatment plan

The team of our hospital does everything possible to provide you with a personal approach, based on your personal case and clinical picture.

This requires an individually selected action plan drawn up by a specialist who is always up to date with the latest research and all possible types of treatment. Possible treatment options will be explained in your language, guaranteeing your participation in deciding on further actions.

If necessary, we offer our patients the most advanced medical examinations that help to better describe and identify the features of their personal case.

A personalized treatment plan is just one of the principles of work adopted by the Herzliya Medical Center. The friendly and attentive staff of the clinic will provide you with comprehensive VIP care that takes into account all your needs and requirements, helping to make your stay in the clinic both comfortable and effective.

We speak your language!

Unlike other countries where the medical tourism industry exists, we have a large number of multilingual specialists, including:

  • Native speakers of the Russian language;
  • Native speakers of English (or speaking English at the native level);
  • If necessary, we can provide additional translators.

Modern equipment

Herzliya Medical Center meets the requirements of the best doctors in Israel in terms of the level and quantity of medical equipment. Our constant investment in the latest technology determines the highest standard of treatment and care in our clinic:

  • Fast diagnostic process;
  • Comprehensive medical examination;
  • Early detection and intervention;
  • Complex surgical intervention;
  • Minimally invasive procedures.

Quality and safety

Patient safety is a priority in our clinic. We guarantee this by strictly observing the clinical protocols, especially when monitoring the patient’s condition. Modern monitoring equipment is used to immediately recognize critical changes in the condition of each patient and to prevent complications by urgent intervention.

The whole team has rich experience in helping in extreme conditions and emergencies. These measures are part of the reasons why our center received the highest rating (100 out of 100) during the last audit of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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Personal case manager

A unique service — a personal case manager, is provided to our foreign patients for free. During your visit, a personal case manager will help you:

  • with administrative problems, such as reception and registration;
  • with coordination of diagnosis, treatment and further observation;
  • with daily communication with the clinic staff and translation.

A case manager is appointed before your arrival, and will contact you to get acquainted even when you are at home.

  • Upon arrival, your case manager will personally meet you;
  • After you are accommodated, the case manager will tell you in detail about the upcoming diagnostic and therapeutic procedures;
  • If the treatment plan does not suit you, the case manager will adjust it so that it meets your wishes;
  • Your case manager will be ready to assist you with any non-standard requests that may arise during your stay in our clinic.

Fast service

At the Herzliya Medical Center, you will never be forced to wait! Your wishes are the highest priority of the staff. This means that you are always ready, whenever possible, to provide everything that you need.

  • Registration in our clinic is a simple, fast and efficient process;
  • Diagnostics, examinations and specialist consultations are carried out as soon as possible;
  • Treatment begins at a time convenient for you and passes without unreasonable interruptions;
  • If surgical intervention is necessary, your chosen operating doctor will be available within 1-2 days.

Your treatment plan at Herzliya Medical Center is being developed with the goal of continuous progress. Each phase in it is implemented as quickly as possible, and any diagnostic changes are dynamically incorporated into the original plan. Your hospitalization will not last longer than necessary, allowing you to minimize the cost of treatment and return home as soon as possible.

Support for Herzliya Medical Center

The Herzliya Medical Center Hospital is part of the Clalit Health Insurance Fund, the second largest healthcare organization in the world and the owner of the largest public and private clinics in Israel. Being the largest private clinic in the entire Clalit network, Herzliya Medical Center guarantees instant access to any specialist, medical facility or any other consultation you need in Israel. Moreover, all hospitals in the Clalit network are structurally tied to Israeli medical institutes, which allows the center’s specialists to always be up to date with the latest medical developments.

Collaboration with renowned specialists, the use of the latest treatment methods and the support of a personal case manager ensure that you will be provided with the best medical care.

Prices for treatment in Israel

Israel is known worldwide for its innovative approach to healthcare and a large number of dedicated highly qualified specialists in the field of medicine.

These advantages, as listed above, are available at our center at prices lower than the cost of similar medical services in the United States or Western Europe.

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Hospitalization conditions

In the Herzliya Medical Center, you will feel like in a hotel, not in a hospital. From decor and interior design to spacious and comfortable rooms, everything in the clinic is aimed at convenience and recovery. At the Herzliya Medical Center, you can choose from standard double rooms, as well as private VIP or luxury rooms. If necessary, in outpatient care, the staff of the international department will help you and your attendants to stay in a hotel or apartment near the medical center.

If it is necessary for surgical intervention, your family and friends will know about each stage of the procedure: in all waiting rooms there are large screens on which patients are indicated by personal numbers, and next to the number there is information about the stage of the operation. Additionally, at the end of the operation and when the patient is transferred to the ward, the person accompanying him receives an SMS alert.


In addition to the comfort caused by our hotel-level rooms, many foreign patients are attracted by the peaceful landscape overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

The warm sun and fresh sea breeze, as well as white sandy beaches, have their own special healing effect.

In addition, fashionable restaurants, ancient historical sites and recreation areas of Herzliya are easily accessible to you. The never-sleeping city of Tel Aviv is also a 15-minute drive from Herzliya.

Additional Information

Herzliya Medical Center was founded in 1989 as a private medical institution with a full range of medical services: consultation, in-depth diagnostics and top-quality surgical intervention.

Department of Medical Tourism

In 2001, Herzliya Medical Center created a unique department — the medical tourism department. The first patients of the department were employees of foreign embassies in Israel. 

Departments and units of the Herzliya Medical Center

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of procedures have been performed in these departments, including:

  • 20,000 operations annually;
  • 5000 orthopedic procedures;
  • 5600 general surgical procedures;
  • 1600 bariatric procedures.
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