Онкологические Центры России

Онкологические Центры России

One of the main reasons why foreign patients seek medical care in Israel is the lack of competence of doctors in their country of residence. More than 30% of patients who have come to Israel for treatment from the countries of the former Soviet Union over the past few years have turned for help in connection with cancer.

Cancer treatment requires an individual and integrated approach, and the basis for a successful outcome is a correctly diagnosed diagnosis. Until now, a patient who had contacted the Herzliya Medical Center with a suspected or already diagnosed cancer, underwent repeated diagnostics upon arrival, including laboratory tests, images and revisions of the pathological material. In order to facilitate the process and increase the availability of treatment in Israel, the specialists of the HMC Oncology Department set out to find an oncology center in Russia that can be trusted and that meets Israeli standards.

We are pleased to inform our patients that such oncology centers exist in Russia and the cooperation of Herzliya Medical Center with them is clearly established. You can go through a diagnosis at one of our approved centers and send us the results to develop a preliminary treatment plan and its cost. Diagnostic procedures performed at medical facilities approved by us are not repeated upon arrival in Israel. In this case, only an audit of the pathological material will be required.

Surgery to remove the tumor can be scheduled within a few days. Excellent hospitalization conditions contribute to the rapid recovery of the patient. Within a week, you can go through the necessary procedures and get home with the protocol of subsequent treatment and observation on your hands.

If the operation is not indicated, Herzliya Clinic specialists will develop a non-invasive treatment plan: immunotherapy, targeted therapy, chemo and / or radiotherapy. You can go through all these procedures in the oncology center in Russia approved by us.

The centers are equipped with the most advanced and tested equipment by the radiologists of the Herzliya Clinic:

  • PET-CT;
  • MRI
  • Cyber ​​knife;
  • TrueBeam linear accelerator.

Highly qualified staff of the oncology departments approved by us will adhere to our treatment protocol and, if necessary, will contact HMC oncologists to discuss the dynamics of the patient’s condition and the further course of action.

The advantages of our cooperation with Russian oncology dispensaries are clear: the patient has the opportunity to receive high-quality medical care without leaving the country and at much lower prices.

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